1st Response Dates

Sun 14 Jan - Hagbourne
Sun 4 Feb - Radley
Sun 3 Mar - Jubilee House
Sun 17 Mar -Banbury
Sat 25 May - Jubilee House
Sat 22 Jun - West Hendred
Sun 14 Jul - Jubilee House
Sat 28 Sep - Chesterton
Sun 27 Oct - Leigh Village
Sat 23 Nov - Jubilee House

If you have a query about first aid or trainings or accepted qualifications contact

Safe space

Everyone needs to have the correct level of A Safe Space training for their role.

Visit our learning platform to complete levels 1 and 2. To book a virtual level 3 session, visit our learning platform or contact your country or region who offer virtual and in-person sessions.

How to become a trainer

Become a trainer with Girlguiding and support our fantastic volunteers to deliver great experiences to girls

Training booking

27th April - Spring County Day

The leader in training process

The process in Oxfordshire is:
● Volunteer completes initial modules on LDP
● Tells Commissioner she wants to be a leader
● Commissioner finds her a mentor, updates her role to LiT and tells relevant LiT Coordinator.
● If a new mentor, Commissioner asks ( to add the mentor role.
● LiT coordinator assigns mentor to LiT on GO
● LiT contacts mentor and continues her learning on LDP
● LiT coordinators update system when prompted
● LiT completes training, LiT coordinator asks Go Coordinator to change role to Leader and copies in Commissioner.