Finance And Grant Applications

Girlguiding National Grants

Girlguiding have a number of grants to give units, girls and volunteers a helping hand, support trips away, and ensure members with additional needs can fully participate in guiding

Oxfordshire Grants

We have a number of grants available to support members of all ages. Some are for units to apply for and other applications should be completed individually. Please ensure your leader and commissioner know that you have applied for a grant because we will be in touch with them during the decision making process.

County Expense form

To submit an expense claim to the County Treasurer and send to

Subscription rate

Every year, Girlguiding collects an annual subscription – historically referred to as ‘census’ – to run our charity at a national level. Countries and regions, counties, districts and divisions will add an additional fee to this – called a ‘levy’ – to support guiding in their local area. This annual subscription is paid by both volunteers and girls. This is separate to the subs paid to the unit by the members.

The annual subscription amount set by HQ in 2024 will be £31.

Anglia region rate is £14.50 per member and Oxfordshire county rate is £0 per member for 2024.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a great way to bring in additional income to your unit – you can get an extra 25p for every £1 you receive in subs. More information can be found here.

Unit accounts

Girlguiding have great advice on how to manage unit accounts and have also created a unit accounts package spreadsheet for you to use!